0CC-FamiTracker – 8-Bit chiptune/digital music constructor

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FamiTracker is a professional but simple and easy-to-use 8-bit digital music producing freeware for NES/Famicom (FCDS) emulators. It comes with concise UI and powerful features, supports music import/export, automatically generates NSF file (so that the music you produce can be played in emulators), and is capable of converting music format. It’s regarded as a must-have tool for many 8-bit game music producers.

0CC-FamiTracker (0CC-FT for short) is a modified edition of Famitracker (to be exact, it is a backward-compatible extension for Famitracker) that includes various bug fixes and new features. But because FamiTracker’s original creator has not updated it for a long time, 0CC-FamiTracker became the most commonly used edition at present. BTW, The name “0CC” comes from the author’s favorite arpeggio effect.

// Key Features //

  • Full real-time emulation of all channels
  • Internal PCM to DPCM-sample converter
  • MIDI input devices are supported
  • NTSC & PAL modes are both supported

// Download URLs //

Product Version Download
0CC-FamiTracker Latest
FamiTracker v0.4.6