Portable Editions of All Web Browsers in one place

Web browser, as a must-have tool for computer with Internet connection, needless to say its importance. Meanwhile, the benefits of its portable versions are self-evident. This is a collection type of post, within which AppNee will make and release the portable editions (on Windows only) of all web browsers’ latest versions – as long as it’s a web browser that supports English language and keeps updating, we don’t care about which country it comes from or who made it.

It’s quite clear that, AppNee has no ability to make and release the portable versions for all of them at one go, so we have to do it gradually. And that gives priority to the most popular 5 major web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera). Notes: AppNee will see different variants based on the same engine as independent browsers. Due to the fact that their design and performance can be quite different.

From Name Engine/Based Version Build Intro Download Size
Update Normally (portable)
US Chrome Blink v52.0 Stable #1, Google, extensions, N/A
US Chromium Blink v53.0 Dev Chrome’s father
UK Waterfox Firefox v46.0.1 Stable 64-bit, fast, official portable, N/A
US Firefox Gecko v46.0.1 Stable #2, Mozilla, Netscape, PAF, webmaster, web design, rich-plugin, slower and slower, N/A
US Firefox ESR1 Gecko v45.1.1 Stable enterprise, PAF, N/A
CN Maxthon Cloud Browser (Maxthon Browser 4) Blink v4.9.2 Stable MyIE2, official portable, N/A
CN TheWorld Browser 7 Blink v7.0.0.108 Stable 2 cores, fast, lightweight, 22.3 MB
JP Sleipnir 6 Blink v6.1.11 Stable beautiful, cook, modern, humanized, 62.2 MB
NO Opera Blink, V8 v37.0.2178 Stable fast, inconvenient, personalized, render engine, bad UI, 37.6 MB
XX MxNitro comming MB
XX K-Meleon Gecko comming MB
XX Slim Browser comming MB
DE SRWare Iron comming MB
XX Pale Moon Goanna comming MB
XX Tor Browser comming MB
XX Lunascape Trident, Gecko, Webkit 3 cores, beautiful comming MB
CN GreenBrowser v6.8.1228 Stable Tiny, Fast comming MB
XX MyIE Browser comming MB
XX Avant Browser comming MB
XX SeaMonkey comming MB
XX Safari nothing special, comming MB
Internet Explorer AIO (offline installer)
US Internet Explorer 6 Trident, Chakra v6.0 SP3 Final Microsoft, gone, 74.2 MB
Internet Explorer 7 v7.0.6002 N/A
Internet Explorer 8 v8.0.6001 N/A
Internet Explorer 9 v9.0.8112 N/A
Internet Explorer 10 v10.0.9200 32-bit | 64-bit 22 MB| 42.2 MB
Internet Explorer 11 v11.0.10240 N/A
Discontinued & Classic (portable)
CN 360 Browser Chromium v7.5.2.110 Final efficient, humanized, Editors’ Choice, 45.0 MB
CN TheWorld Browser 3 IE v3.5.0.3 Final fast, tiny, clean, compact, stable, official portable, popular, #1, 1.65 MB
CN Maxthon Browser 3 IE, Webkit, v3.5.2 Final MyIE2, 2 cores, powerful, customizable, 26.4 MB
CN Maxthon Browser 2 IE v2.5.18 Final MyIE2, tiny, 5.99 MB
CN Maxthon Classic IE v1.6.7 Final MyIE2, tiny, 2.5 MB
JP Sleipnir 4 Blink v4.4.9 Stable modern, cool, 59.7 MB
  • 1 = Extended Support Release
  • 3 main layout engines: Trident (IE), Gecko (Firefox), WebKit (Chrome)

*** The list order does not represent their popularity or desktop browser market share percentage.

*** AppNee only makes and provides the portable editions for all popular web browsers with latest and important version updates – especially the latest stable version, as well as some classic versions.

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