247 countries’ flag icons package with tiny but highly cognizable size

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You may noticed that, AppNee has released the country flag icon resources more than once. If I asked you how many flags there are around the world, I do believe many people can not give a doubtless answer. Because the fact is some countries have more than one flag, sometimes several countries have the same flag (e.g., the European Union).

If interested in encyclopedic knowledge, I suggest you to go to search for the history story behind every national flag, very interesting. After that, you can more easily distinguish those country flags with pretty high similarity. Of course, AppNee can do nothing more for you – just provide the download for these icons (this time, it’s in tiny size).

// Flag Info //

Named Two-bit country code (such as: AU, BR, CA…)
Count 494
Size 16 x 11
Format PNG (247) + GIF (247)

// Download URLs //

 (165 KB | No Homepage)