25 Beautiful Watercolor/Ink brush sets for Photoshop in one package

Watercolor, ink brushes have long been a favorite on works of font design, poster design, game original painting… With these brushes in hand, a gentle brushstroke can realize the grandiose effects that many customers are pursuing. For this type of commonly used design material, we recommend you to collect and sort them, in order to facilitate the efficient use in future work.

For these sets of watercolor, ink PS brushes, they came out with pretty high quality and works with various versions of Photoshop (PS 7, CS, CS2~6, CC…). In particular, they can be used for both free and commercial purposes, which is really good news for too many graphic designers. On LINE25 (their source article), they were separated and you have to download each one singly. So AppNee downloaded all the brushes (including the missing ones from the most original source site) and encapsulated them into one package, along with the separate download list below for your choice. Just hope designers who like or are in urgent need for these resources can be able to use them efficiently.

// Separate Download List //

Download Sample
Watercolor Splatters Watercolor-Splatters
WaterColor Reloaded WaterColor-Reloaded
40 Free High-Res Acrylic Paint Photoshop Brushes 40-Free-High-Res-Acrylic-Paint-Photoshop-Brushes
Soft Watercolor brushes Soft-Watercolor-brushes
Watercolor brushes Watercolor-brushes
WG Dry Paint Strokes WG-Dry-Paint-Strokes
Watercolor Brush Pack Watercolor-Brush-Pack
Watercolor Brush Pack 2 Watercolor-Brush-Pack-2
100 brush strokes 100-brush-strokes
Watercolor II Watercolor-II
Free Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Set II Free-Hi-Res-Watercolor-Photoshop-Brushes-Set-II
Social Media Grungy Watercolor Brushes Social-Media-Grungy-Watercolor-Brushes
Watercolor I Watercolor-I
Brushes by Fudge Graphics Brushes-by-Fudge-Graphics
WG Watercolor Brushes Vol1 WG-Watercolor-Brushes-Vol1 free watercolor brush sets
Watercolour Brushes Set 2 Watercolour-Brushes-Set-2
Simple smudges Simple-smudges
WaterColor .1. Brushes Pack WaterColor-1-Brushes-Pack
Free High-Res Photoshop Brushes: Grungy Watercolor Free-High-Res-Photoshop-Brushes-Grungy-Watercolor

High-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

WaterColor .4. Brushes Pack WaterColor-4-Brushes-Pack free watercolor brush sets
Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Watercolor-Photoshop-Brushes
Free acrylic Photoshop brushes free-acrylic-photoshop-brushes
WaterColor Reloaded WaterColor-Reloaded-2

// Supported Photoshop Versions //

Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and Photoshop CC.

// Download URLs //

 (326 MB | Homepage

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