3D Picture Viewer – View you pictures in 3D space

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3D Picture Viewer is a lightweight (only 689 KB, 163 KB after compressed) and user-friendly 3D image viewer. It enables you to organize and browse your photos from a different angle of view, in the form of 3D (with “domino” style). It supports for multiple image formats.

3D Picture Viewer can provide us not only the enjoyment on the vision, to some extent, it can also improve the efficiency when we are browsing (or finding from) masses of images. For example: in 3D Picture Viewer, all pictures are shown in 3D space, compared with many traditional image browsers (especially the built-in Windows Photo Viewer), its efficiency is obvious – you can scroll through (drag the images back and fourth) all pictures in one folder (including subfolder) in group and find the one you want faster then ever.

In short, with 3D Picture Viewer, your picture exploring experience will become more interactive and interesting, although its 3D effects are just few.

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This is the 3D Picture Viewer v1.3 Final portable version.

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v1.3 Final