3D-Wall – 3D photo wall browser and creator for exhibition or slideshow

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3D-Wall is a user-friendly free 3D photo navigation (wall-style) app made by Polar Vision from ShangHai. It’s specially designed to help users to create 3D wallpapers/photos wall for exhibition or personal slideshow.

It will arrange to display a group of photo in a attractive virtual gallery on a black background. The user could navigate the photos by clicking on a particular image to increase its size and smoothly sliding it to the foreground, so as to enjoy the high-interactive browsing experience.

Although 3D-Wall’s feature is simple and lack of options for users to customize, the portable galleries it produces are really convenient, sleek, cool and attractive – because the presentations can be exported as EXE file or Linux package that can run on computers that don’t have 3D-Wall installed.

// Key Features //

  • Edit a group of photo within the tool program. The result could be export to a folder, which could be copied and run on other PC.
  • Customize the software. The mouse cursor and the close button could be hide, so the software will be fit with the touch screen system.
  • The player software could be run on both Windows and Linux system. You can use it on some small PC box.
  • The independent graphic card is recommended.

// Edition Statement //

This is the 3D-Wall v0.03 Final full installer.

// Prompts //

If you want to export your gallery as a portable package, in “Export Package…”, you need manually type a folder name in C:\ or other full path – the “Browse…” button does not work for Windows 8+.

// Download URLs //

 (22.2 MB | No Homepage)