500+ texture material preset pack for CINEMA 4D

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500+ texture material preset pack for CINEMA 4D (AKA: The Pixel Lab Material Pack for Cinema 4D) is bought from The Pixel Lab and shared with us by an anonymous visitor. You can see that, it costs you $50 at the official site. But now from AppNee, it’s free.

This collection was released as single one .lib4d texture file which can be directly loaded into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and accessed, used with ease. With them, designers can speed up your workflow and focus on the creative designing work itself now.

// Categories //

  • Alpha Overlays
  • Everyday Color
  • Fabric/Leather
  • Glass/Transparent/Ice
  • Luminance
  • Metal
  • Misc.
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Patterns/Tiles
  • Rubber/Plastic
  • Stone/Concrete/Dirt
  • Wood

// Download URLs //

Download Size
481 MB