7+ Taskbar Tweaker – Intuitive and effective Windows Taskbar customizer & enhancer

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Well adjusting/tweaking the features of taskbar can undoubtedly improve the service efficiency of Windows. This is especially true for users who work with Windows all day. But all customizable items provided by Windows are listed in Taskbar and Navigation properties, very few. Therefore, we always tend to use some third-party tools to solve the functional problems of taskbar.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker (7TT for short, read as: 7 Plus Taskbar Tweaker) is a very popular and free Windows Taskbar enhancing/customizing tool specially designed for Windows 7 and higher versions (as its name suggests). Its essence seems to be a patch that runs in memory (i.e. works like a patch) for Windows/File Explorer. It is mainly used to add additional functionality to taskbar, and allows users to make custom adjustments to taskbar according to their use habits, so as to improve the using efficiency of Window. The whole customization process is very simple, and takes effect immediately. I do believe that you will fall in love with this very concise but very practical utility when you try it.

As the successor of 7 Taskbar Tweaker, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker came with a lot of changes (richer options for functionality customization). That includes turn on/off the window preview function, hide the “Show desktop” button at the bottom right corner, let the time show to ‘Second’, call your customized functions responding to the click/drag/hover/push wheel of mouse on taskbar, etc.

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