78 free, high-quality seamless and editable vector textures collection

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Design and fashion, in AppNee’s opinion, this kind of things are always in a loop. Take the flat style design became popular again for example, it made our Windows user interface go back to the origin of Windows 3.0 era – just added with some shadow effect.

However, in nowadays, the minimalist design style also means less elements performance. Especially for novice designers don’t know how to match colors, creating novel “flat” design does give some difficulty. So these 78 seamless textures/patterns designed by FreePik can well solve a lot of demands for the background and aside in all kinds of flat design cases. This can make your works’ interface look more interesting and vivid, also add much luster to your design.

More important, all these textures are vector editable, which means you are allowed to generate more derived textures by yourself. In particular, you are free to use them for personal or commercial purposes, to share or to modify them.

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