9 Ball Quick Fire Pool – Greatest 9-ball pool game ever

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Miniclip‘s 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool, just the same as its 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool, is the best (most lifelike: especially the graphics and simulation of sphere collision) 2D 9-ball pool game on the whole Internet. Saying this, we have considered all similar games on any platforms.


In 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool, your goal is to hit all balls into scoring holes. Under normal circumstances, only according to the numerical sequence to hit balls, you can get a lot more scores. But if you can indirectly work out the number 9 ball in the case of no foul, then you will gain a greater victory.

The total time of game is fixed, 5 minutes, which is different from the 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool’s 2 minutes (increases time every time you hit a ball into the hole, and reduces time when your cue ball hits into a hole). Even if your skill is well enough to enable you to clean the table (15 balls) with one shot in the 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool, also may not be able to do the same thing with lesser 9 balls in 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool.

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