[v21.0] Acronis True Image – #1 ultra-fast system/partition backup & restore solution

Acronis True Image (ATI for short) is an almighty clone/backup & restore/recovery utility working well under both Windows desktop and PE (Preinstallation Environment) with ultra fast speed, high compression ratio and very simple operation. Fully compatible with Windows and gives full play to the hardware performance.

// Key Features //

  • Full Disk-Image Backup
  • Disk clone/restore with very fast speed (takes advantage of CPU’s multi-core and multi-threading features)
  • One-click of F11 (when the computer starts up) to enter automatic restoring process
  • For business users, it can backup a large amount of data to a high-capacity DVD
  • Optimized for and fully compatible with Windows
  • All the work can be done on the Windows desktop
  • Support incremental backup: easier to control than ImageX
  • You can backup any disk, partition, or the entire computer to any kind of external storage media (including online space)
  • Allows to backup files/partition being used
  • Save backup to special hidden partition
  • Support schedule based backup tasks
  • Completely and permanently destroy all the confidential data
  • Very easy to use
  • ….

The well-known Norton’s Ghost isn’t the only choice for OS clone/backup and restore, but many users are used to use the classic Ghost 11/12 (under DOS/PE) or One Key Ghost (on Windows desktop) to do system backup and restore all the time. But now, we have Acronis True Image, it has much faster backup/restore speed, better compatibility and does not need to restart to DOS/PE to operate like Ghost 11/12. Instead, all the operation can be finished on Windows desktop which does not affect the user’s job as far as possible. Even the backuping file/folder/partition/disk is in use, just never mind!

Moreover, Acronis True Image can set up a special hidden partition on the hard drive (can’t be accessed or operated in normal ways) for saving backup data/files, thus greatly improves the security and confidentiality of the backup data. That means as long as your hard disk does not happen physical injury, then your data will still be quietly hidden in there.

For many Ghost’s fan users, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to Norton’s Ghost and many other similar tools, but not for AppNee now – because, we just can’t stand its massive body (about 280~550+ MB).

// Built-in Tools //

  • Clone Disk
  • Rescue Media Builder
  • Acronis Universal Restore
  • Parallels Access
  • Acronis System Report
  • Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager
  • Add New Disk
  • Bootable Rescue Media Builder
  • Clone Disk
  • DriveCleanser
  • Manage Acronis Secure Zone
  • System Clean-up
  • ….

// Supported OS //

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
  • Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Windows 8.1 (all editions)
  • Windows Home Server 2011
  • Windows 10

*** Configurations currently not supported:

  • Windows XP x64
  • Windows Vista (all editions) is not supported

// Supported File Systems //

  • NTFS
  • FAT32
  • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 *
  • ReiserFS *
  • Linux SWAP *

*** The Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, ReiserFS, and Linux SWAP file systems are supported only for disk or partition backup/recovery operations

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provided you the Acronis True Image Premium Edition’s both Bootable ISOs and full installers with the unclocked ‘libcrypto10.dll’, ‘PropertyStorage’ files and working serial numbers.

// Acronis Product Keys Collection //

Product Keys
Acronis True Image 2017 Not required!
Acronis True Image 2016
Acronis True Image 2015
Acronis True Image 2014 Premium Keys (former Plus Pack):


Standard keys:

Acronis True Image 2013
Acronis True Image 2012
Acronis True Image 2011
Acronis True Image 7
Acronis Disk Director 12

// Installation Notes //

for Acronis True Image 2017 v21.0:

  1. Download Acronis True Image 2017 or 2017 New Generation from official site
  2. Disable your Internet connection
  3. Install Acronis True Image, when finish installation, do not start it
  4. Right click ‘Acronis Active Protection‘ icon in system tray, choose “Turn off Acronis Active Protection
  5. Run ‘services.msc‘, stop the following services:
    • Acronis Active Protection (TM) Service
    • Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini
    • Acronis Nonstop Backup Service
    • Acronis Scheduler2 Service
    • Acronis Sync Agent Service
  6. Open ‘Task Manager‘, end the following processes:
    • TrueImageMonitor.exe
    • TibMounterMonitor.exe
  7. Run the unlock path ‘ActivationAcronisTI(H).exe’ and wait
  8. All done, enjoy!

for older versions:

  1. Download full installer, select “Install current version” to install (sometimes you may need to close your internet connection first)
  2. After installation, do not start it (click ‘X‘ to close)
  3. Enter “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Home” folder and rename “libcrypto10.dll” to “libcrypto11.dll
  4. Copy the “libcrypto10.dll” from “Unlocked File” to the folder above
  5. Run it and register with one correct key above.
  6. Done, enjoy!

for Boot CD:

  1. Burn the image to CD/DVD or create as a bootable USB flash drive
  2. If necessary, start the computer from the boot CD-ROM

// Prompts //

  • This software automatically installs itself into the volume C (does not allow to customize the installation location), and comes with lots of startups and monitoring programs running in the background. Therefore, after use, it is recommended to use Total Uninstall to clear it out!
  • Even if it is so good, AppNee absolutely can’t tolerate any kinds of software to be forcibly installed to “C:\” and arbitrarily set up a lot of background monitoring programs that slow down the speed of whole system.
  • If not for its excellent backup/restore functionality, we would add Acronis True Image’s all series of products into our blacklist!
  • For user who like to optimize system services, when you use ATI to backup, do remember temporarily start the Acronis Shceduler2 Service (you can stop it after done). Or ATI can not perform the backup work at all.
  • Beside, if you deleted ATI’s cache files under “C:\”, then it will probably prompt you to register when you start it again. In this case, just click ‘Offline Activation’ and enter the corresponding product keys once more, no need to install the whole program from scratch.
  • Disable the “Automatically check for updates at startup” feature suggested. And you’d better block any connections from ATI using your Firewall to stop validation (especially the ‘license_activator.exe’ file).
  • You’d better always use Acronis True Image offline. If it asks for activation again, just run the activator once more; or if you experience any other problems, then reinstall/repair Acronis True Image, and run the activator again

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Version Type Download Size
Acronis True Image 2017
v21.0 Build 6116 Full Installer 494 MB
Bootable CD 608 MB
v20.0 Build 5554 Full Installer 491 MB
Bootable CD 605 MB
Acronis True Image 2016
v19.0 Build 6027 Full Installer 402 MB
v19.0 Build 5620 Bootable CD 517 MB
Acronis True Image 2015
v18.0 Build 6518 Full Installer 281 MB


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