Adblock Plus – Only best cross-browser full-featured ads blocker

Adblock Plus (ABP for short) is a free and open-source webpage ads blocking tool designed for all kinds of web browsers (along with all their derived browsers, as well as the mobile browsers on Android platform). It’s well-known as one of the most popular browser extensions on Chrome Web Store. The most important is it really works.

I do understand the reason that the vast majority of webmasters do not recommend such kind of ads blocking/filtering tools to their visitors/users – they fear the visitors will use it to their own sites. But AppNee’s standpoint is slightly different – Any time, we can’t help recommending such excellent and practical apps to more users. There are two main reasons:

  1. AppNee never misses an excellent app to recommend to our users
  2. Whether use such a tool to AppNee’s websites, that will always be your own right/choice, anybody has no right to intervene

BTW, you can compare Adblock Plus with Adblock Pro and other similar apps (including any commercial ones like AdBlock) by trying. Finally, you will find – except Adblock Plus, any other ad-blocking software are waste or liar. That’s why we just call Adblock Plus the only best full-featured ads blocking plug-in for any web browsers – because only does it really work as what they say.

In one word, from now on, you can enjoy surfing the web without annoying ads any more. Meanwhile, that also means you can focus on enjoying the content you want, and spend less time waiting for it!

// Key Features //

  • Can block tracking, malware domains, banners, pop-ups and video ads – even on Facebook and YouTube
  • Unobtrusive ads aren’t being blocked in order to support websites (configurable)
  • Highly customizable and read-made updating blocking rules
  • Will never collect any of your personal data
  • Block Ads + Allow Acceptable Ads
  • Disable Tracking + Disable Malware Domains + Disable Social Media Buttons
  • Typo Protection
  • It’s free and open source! (GPLv3)

// Official Demo Video //

// Download URLs //

Version For Browser Chrome
Latest Android
Internet Explorer
Maxthon Integrated
Yandex Browser


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