Advanced Port Scanner – Fast port scanner with user-friendly UI and rich functionality

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Advanced Port Scanner is a free but robust network open ports scanner developed by the famous remote controller Radmin‘s official site. It features professional yet user-friendly GUI, abundant features, as well as very fast scanning speed.

Advanced Port Scanner enables you to quickly find the opened ports of computers on LAN/WAN network, and to detect the version of programs running on these ports. Due to multithreading design, on a computer with high configuration, it has the ability to complete all ports scanning in a few seconds. Besides, Advanced Port Scanner also comes with powerful reporting system (including HTML reports) based on scripts.

With Advanced Port Scanner in hand, we can collect all necessary information about the equipment connected to local network or Internet, so as to further obtain their accessible resources. For example: shared folders, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and so on. BTW, via RDP and Radmin, Advanced Port Scanner also allows us to make remote access to a computer.

// Key Features //

  • Fast multi-threaded port scanning
  • Remote access
  • Getting information about network devices
  • Wake-On-LAN and Remote PC shutdown
  • Easy access to the resources found
  • Run commands on a remote computer

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