Air Hawk 1, 2 & 3: Desert Storm Portable Full versions download

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Air Hawk 1, 2 & 3: Desert Storm are actually deceptive revisions of DivoGames’ classic Air Strike series (respectively corresponded to: AirStrike 3D: Operation W.A.T., Air Strike 2, AirStrike II: Gulf Thunder) from MyRealGames, with plagiarism nature. No doubt, DivoGames’ (from Russia) game works became the most classic and exciting helicopter shooting games.

In terms of my impression to Air Strike series, except the names, Air Hawk seems to give no substantive content changes or improvements at all. Anyway, in this ultimate helicopter shooting game series, we can enjoy the stunning 3D graphics and gorgeous effects in the fierce air battle driving the most advanced and domineering gunships once more!

// Key Features //

Air Hawk 1
  • 20 large levels
  • Over 100 different units
  • 10 different helicopters to fly on
Air Hawk 2
  • 18 large levels with 3 powerful deadly bosses
  • Over 100 different units
  • 10 unique weapons with 3-7 level upgrade
Air Hawk 3: Desert Storm
  • 24 large levels
  • Over 100 different units
  • Night missions and different weather

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Prompts //

  • If the “stop working” error happens, just run it in compatibility mode.
  • Deleting ‘config.ini‘ and ‘game.ini‘ files can initialize all game settings
  • The games have controller support, but only for the left analog stick. If you want to use both controller, use Xpadder to solve.

// Download URLs //

Air Hawk 1 (for XP-)v1.70 Final10.4 MB
Air Hawk 2v2.50 Final21.4 MB
Air Hawk 3: Desert Stormv2.71 Final16.1 MB

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