[01.15] All kinds of White Noise in the world collection post

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White Noise is pretty good for at least 3 scenarios: work, study and sleep. That’s, it enables you to be more concentrated and pay more attention to your study; work more easily and efficiently; go to sleep more quickly and sleep more sweetly. BTW, it has another less important application – burning in your headphones!

Through a variety of continuous and uniform/recurrent white noises, we can fully simulate (imagine in mind) various scenarios on hearing. For example, the seaside beach at night with sound of waves lapping the shore; on a rainy day, the sound of rain lands on a hut’s roof, door and windows; or large forest full of all kinds of birds’ tweets early in the morning… In these cases, we will always be hypnotized carelessly.

If you have tried various methods that could not let your spirit relax or make you fall asleep easily, then remember to try white noises. Facts have proven that, their effect is unmatched for any so-called deep sleep music.

This post is responsible for collecting, tidying and releasing all White Noise related resources on the Internet, as high-quality as possible . That is to say, AppNee will put it into the only authoritative source for White Noise for both individual users and relevant application developers (primarily the free color noise generator and expensive sound machine integrated white noises). They can be used in environments like: clinics, schools, households, and offices around the world.

// Benefits & Uses //

  • Sleep Aid
  • Block Distractions
  • Mask Tinnitus
  • Pacify Children
  • Soothe Migraines
  • Increase Focus
  • ….

// Track Details //

4 hours Peaceful  Relaxing Instrumental Music
  • Beautiful Mind-Travis A.King
  • No Time Like Now-Utopian Sounds 4:32
  • Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker (Kamoto Remix) 7:45
  • Laced In Love-(Stripped Mix)Travis A.King 10:55
  • Indigo-Travis A.King 14:17
  • Creation-Travis A.King 17:12
  • Utopia-Duke Starwalker 21:28
  • In Heaven-Duke Starwalker 28:38
  • You Are An Angel-Duke Starwalker 36:12
  • Release-Utopian Sounds 41:03
  • Mosaic-Duke Starwalker 51:14
  • Tropical Getaway-Duke Starwalker 56:11
  • Journey To Source-Duke Starwalker 1:38:03
  • Fantasy Island-Duke Starwalker 1:53:42
  • Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker 2:52:33
  • Jungle Lullaby-Duke Starwalker 3:29:00
  • Spindles-Utopian Sounds 3:44:25
  • Paradox-Utopian Sounds 3:54:00

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// Download URLs //

Cat Purring371 KB
Wind + Sea Waves344 KB
Night Rain1.87 MB
University Undertones25.8 MB
Morning Murmur30.7 MB
Lunchtime Lounge23.4 MB
Frog Calls301 KB
Thundery Day23.8 MB
Stream and Bird5.41 MB
4 hours Peaceful  Relaxing Instrumental Music330 MB