Android-x86 – Install and run Android OS on PC or Live USB

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Android-x86 (AKA: Android X86) is an unofficial Android Open Source Project (AOSP) started in 2009 by Chih-Wei Huang from Taiwan. The main purpose of this project is to provide a complete and feasible set of Android system solutions for X86 PC platform, including a whole set of source code tree, supporting documents, as well as Live CD and Live USB.

Originally, it’s just a series of patches to the Android source code enabling Android to run on various mobile devices powered by AMD/Intel x86 processors (rather than RISC-based ARM chips). But now, it has become the only real and best way to run Android OS/App on your Windows, Mac and Linux PC.

Since Android-x86 is an Android (i.e.: Linux) OS installed and running on PC, that is to say, even without special Android virtual machine, we can still use Android apps or play Android games on computer. This is a great news for players who like to play Android games with a computer. Of course, you can also choose to install Android-x86 in a virtual machine, so as to realize seamless switching between Windows desktop system and Android-x86 OS.

// Prompts //

  • Do remember to set the RAM and CPU high enough on a virtual machine, otherwise it could be so slow that you would lose patience
  • As to the “failed to find cpu0” error, if you are using Android-x86 v6.0 ISO, choosing ‘Vesa’ boot mode has been proved to be effective by AppNee
  • If it stops at the “Select Wi-Fi network”, just disable your virtual machine’s network adapter. Then you can skip it, or it will be a endless loop

// Download URLs //

(mirHomepage | SourceForge)