AnyDesk – Tinyest, easiest and fastest remote desktop

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Due to the increasing complexity of current Internet/Intranet environments, a variety of factors such as firewall, router, or broadband provider (ISP) often leads many remote control software based on the traditional ‘direct connection’ technology (like Microsoft Remote Desktop) to connect/operate very slow or even connection fail. Even the industry’s strong performer TeamViewer also is becoming slower and slower.

AnyDesk (from Germany) – claims to be nowadays the fastest remote control software and does give users with a good impression. At least it’s extremely fast and responses smoothly, goes even farther than the predecessor TeamViewer. Moreover, its file size is very small (only more than 1 MB), and it is free for occasional/casual private use.

AnyDesk’s developers (if it’s true, they are independent from the TeamViewer development team) tried to solve this problem. So it uses the advanced video compression technology DeskRT – which can penetrate the firewall/router with ease, it contains a brand new video decoder, and provides the minimalist login & control mode. All these can make you experience smoother remote desktop control on your existing PC.

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