Army Men: Toys in Space Portable Full versions for PC download

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Army Men: Toys in Space is the third work of The 3DO Company‘s classic strategy type of plastic toy war game series Army Men, released in 1999. Its unique alien characters and weapons (such as laser gun) are the main characteristics distinct from other works in this series.

This work added two new alien forces – the Space Troops and the Aliens. Different from the previous modern warfare between toy soldiers, Army Men: Toys in Space inclines to science fiction elements. It introduces some new-type weapons and war technologies, such as Alien Laser Troopers, Tina’s Freeze Ray and Mini-gun Troopers, new vehicles, etc.

As the third generation of work of this ancient game theme, Army Men: Toys in Space made a lot of expansion and preparation on game plot, game play and weapons, equipment. For example: weapons and corps upgrade to modern military standard, and the appearance of machine gun, flamethrower, rocket gun and so on heavy weapons brings more pleasure to players. In addition, Army Men: Toys in Space detailed the combat actions design of characters on the basis of its predecessors, so that different stance & position will reflect players’ commanding ability on the battlefield.

// Key Features //

  • New classes of toys – Sarge meets the leader of the plastic space troopers
  • Together they fight the evil Tan menace which has enlisted the help of the plastic alien toys
  • New worlds to explore – New worlds include a city on a space planet, the Tan enemy base, a bathroom, a living room, and more!
  • Improved multi-player mode – Addition of computer opponents, selectable game options, a buy system for initial units and assets, point-based gameplay, new multi-player games and characters
  • Enhanced game interface
  • All new weapons and vehicles

// Cheat Codes //

  1. First do like this: press ‘Backspace‘ key, and type the following line to enable cheats function:
    • !throw me a frickin bone here
  2. Then the following cheat codes in table will work
!when all else fails…
!full monty – Invincible
!game over
!stay frosty
!harsh language
!here’s a lockpick…
!this one goes to eleven
!hey stifler
!one time…
!spiny norman
!let me down
!pump me up
!oh behave
!rate me – Display FPS etc.
!the meek – Lose scenario
!cut to the chase
!vic fontaine
!time for bed – Lose scenario
!mona lisa
!johnny ricco
!peep show
!heavenly glory
!hey dante
!the sun
!whistle and flute
!i woke up this morning
!no sunblock
!i got two words for ya…
!haunt haunt haunt!
!hello neo
!i like to keep this handy
!patty melt
!you want some
!disco is dead
!disco inferno
!no one expects
!italian job
!know your role…
!its dark
!there is no spoon
!sarge calibur
!only human
!captain scarlet

// Prompts //

If it could not play correctly, then run it in compatible mode (check the “Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution” option).

// Download URLs //

Type Version Download Size
Full Setup ISO v1.0 Final 480 MB
Portable (Full) 313 MB
Portable (Ripped) 57.7 MB

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