[v7.1] Atmosphere Deluxe – Listen to the sounds of nature

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Atmosphere Deluxe is a very outstanding, award-winning desktop application, which can bring the wonderful melody of nature to your computer desktop (perfectly reproduces all kinds of voices in the nature), allows you to listen and feel the nature remaining within doors.

From the quiet rainfall to noisy jungle; from a gentle stream to the sound of waves breaking on the beach; from the soft sound of the wind to the bug buzz mingling bonfire at night…. All of which can create a good atmosphere for you when in troubles or reading a book.

The Atmosphere Deluxe Edition has tens of built-in HD (great resolutions) Panoramic wallpapers with different and beautiful styles, cooperating with vivid sound effects, lets you as if placing yourself in the miraculous and wonderful nature, makes your body and mind get effective relaxation and rest after the daily heavy work.

BTW, Atmosphere Deluxe not only supports the scheduler function, but also has an alarm clock, they allow you to combine work with leisure.

// Key Features //

  • Inbuilt Soundscapes
  • Evolving and Dynamic Soundscapes
  • Nature and Beyond
  • Visual Options
  • Creating Recordings
  • Enhanced Relaxation/Concentration
  • Scheduling

// Edition Statement //

Here you can get the Atmosphere Deluxe Edition official full installer, soundbanks (29 background sounds, 325 random sounds); visual (40 panoramics, 61 slideshows) and 1157 scenarios, also with Crack Patch and Unlock Codes (if anybody wants them, just email us), made by AppNee.

// Program ID & Unlock Code //

For Version Program ID Unlock Code
v5.4.x 295 07687 901 216 06687 357
425-07898-078 095-06898-120
949-15092-944 525-14092-402
v6.0.x 352-32322-213 153-30312-222
v7.0.x (patch required) 20-TUC-20 20-TUC-20
v7.1.x AD7-14410-453 CLU-11360-BLZ

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install the Atmosphere Deluxe official setup
  2. Run it and click ‘Enter Unlock Code
  3. Use the corresponding unlock code above to register
  4. Done, enjoy!

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download
Deluxe Edition v7.0  (Patcher)