Atomic Puzzle 1, 2 and XMas Portable versions

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Atomic Puzzle is a series of small puzzle (eliminating type) games based on mathematical logic operations, created by Kongregate. In game your goal is to eliminate all the balls on the screen – none should be left, otherwise you have to start again.

Atomic Puzzle has elegant design and is easy to start, in which you can continuously clear several levels with ease at the beginning. But don’t look down upon this little game, it can be regarded to be high-end, because it focuses on challenging your logic operation ability, which need players to make a few anticipated operation steps in the brain. So, this gaming process can undoubtedly train our brain’s mental arithmetic ability.

// Shortcuts //

  • R – Rest
  • Z – Undo
  • Space – Enter next level after finishing one level

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Atomic Puzzle 1 12.4 MB
Atomic Puzzle 2 11.9 MB
Atomic Puzzle XMas 12.4 MB