[v2.1] Atop CHM to PDF Converter – Convert CHM file into high-quality PDF format

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As ever the most common electronic document format, CHM features smooth running and convenient retrieval. While it’s a pity that it does not support the popular features such as highlight, annotation and labeling. If there is no alternative PDF edition in hand, then we can use Atop CHM to PDF Converter to convert CHM format ebooks to PDF format.

// Key Features //

  • Intelligently extract content from each chapter
  • PDF format Bookmark
  • Table of contents
  • PDF Cover from text or html
  • Customerized Header and fooder
  • Batch conversion
  • CSS style support

As a professional CHM conversion tool, Atop CHM to PDF Converter is able to easily and quickly convert the CHM format help file to PDF in batch. And more importantly, it can completely retain the original directory structure of CHM, and present it in the form of a bookmark in the converted PDF. Besides, it also supports manual settings of PDF properties information such as header, footer, etc.

In addition, Atop CHM to PDF Converter also has built-in mobile device oriented transformation configuration, which means you can convert the old CHM format ebooks directly into perfect PDF format that fits for not only PC, but also the mobile device, like iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone/iPod, iPhone or Android phones.

BTW, if want to make CHM help file, you can try WinCHM Pro and Help & Manual.

// Edition Statement //

This is the Atop CHM to PDF Converter v2.1 Final portable full registered version.

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