[v8.0.24] AV Voice Changer Software – Disguise, morph your voice for fun

Voice/video chat is already not a new thing now. But if we could add a bit of whimsy into it, such as voice morphing, that would make the chat game more interesting. In order to achieve this effect, you may already know that the classic and famous AV Voice Changer Software can do it for us.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond (AV Voice Changer or AV VCS DIAMOND for short) is an old but very interesting and vigorous voice changing tool. With AV Voice Changer, you can pretend to be all kinds of people with their corresponding voice in the process of voice/video chat, which is often used to play fool with or make fun of our friends/families.

AV Voice Changer Software can perform real-time processing to human voice, it enables us to simulate 100+ kinds of high-quality human voices (primarily divided into male voice, female voice, and voice of the old, child or even alien), as well as other abundant voice effects. It is completely compatible with common online chatting rooms, VOIP ( Voice of Internet Phone ), instant messaging applications, video conference programs, and all kinds of online web games.

// Diamond Edition Features //

Feature Details
VOICE MORPHER – Change voice’s characteristics
  • Pitch-Timbre controls
  • Formant Pitch control
  • Voice Beautifying (HiStrech, LowStrech, LoShift, Smoothing)
  • Make-up presets (7 Voice Types & 11 Voice Qualities)
  • Vowel Enhancer (Smoothing, 4 Formant bands)
  • Sound Quality (Limiter & Noise Reduction)
NICKVOICES – Preset voice settings
  • Nickvoices for male
  • Nickvoices for female
  • Nickvoices for movie makers
FILE MORPHER Batch morph & convert pre-recorded files
EFFECT LIBRARY – List of available vivid effects to embellish output quality
  • Equalizer (16 presets & 10 equalizing bands)
  • Voice Effects (30 effects)
  • Background Effects (70 effects)
  • Non-human voices (8 presets)
  • Robot Voices (9 voices)
  • Audio Effects (40 effects)
PLAYER Play back audio/sound files of different formats
RECORDER Record voice, played-back songs, streaming audio, etc.
VOICE-OVER EDITOR Edit your morphing results partially or wholly
COMPARATOR Compare voices for simulating purposes
PARODY MAKER Defined a pre-saved voice as a parody voice
PARODY MIXER Mix up to 4 parody voices to create a new voice
VOICE ANALYZER Visualize voice’s 4 main characteristics
  • 2 working methods: Hook and Virtual Driver
  • Nickvoice Rules: Set nickvoices for a certain application
  • Hotkeys: Promptly execute frequently used functions
  • Ignore Filter: Exclude certain applications from being morphed
  • Seasonal packages of nickvoices and effects
  • Seasonal packages of parody voices

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the AV Voice Changer Software full installers, activators, keymaker and unlocked file.

// Installation Notes //

Take v8.0.24 for example:

  1. Download and install AV Voice Changer v8.0.24
  2. Start AV Voice Changer, run the ‘Activator.exe‘ (and keep it open)
  3. Enter registration info as below (a restart required)
  4. Done, enjoy!

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// Download URLs //

Edition Version Download Size
Diamond Edition v8.0.24 17.5 MB
Diamond Edition v7.0.51 18.5 MB
Diamond Edition v6.0.10 11.1 MB


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