Ballance (3D Balance Ball) Portable Full version download

Ballance (formerly called 3D Balance Ball) was the maiden work of CYPARADE game design company from Germany in 2004, which is also the ancestor of any 3D balance ball type of games nowadays.

// Key Features //

  • 12+1 levels of increasingly challenging 3D puzzles
  • Three types of balls (wood, stone, and paper)
  • Tranquil music
  • Realistic 3D space simulation
  • Exciting and nervous game experience

Ballance attracted the attention of numerous players once available, brought them the real experience of balance in game. Because doing well in all aspects, it made such a great success that was granted a “Seal of Excellence” outstanding badge by the U.S. game magazine “Adrenaline Vault” (closed). Ballance’s innovative gameplay is really commendable.

Simply speaking, Ballance makes a brand new conversion to an old idea with an extremely mastered method, so as to bring new game experience to players. To be specific, Ballance lets players really feel the influence of gravity on the balance, through the process of passing the maze in the air skillfully using 3 different material of balls. As a result, we will get the fun of this game in continuous motion and repeated weighing.

// Game Controls //

  • Arrow Keys – Move
  • Shift + Arrow Keys – Change View
  • Space – Top View
  • Space + Shift + Arrow Keys – Change Top View

// How to Play //

  • Go to “Bin” folder and run ‘Player.exe’ to start gaming.

// Recommended Setting //

It is suggested open the vertical sync of in the game option, in order to improve the graphics quality (especially for LCD Player):

  • In the initial menu, enter ‘OPTIONEN/GRAFIK‘, set the ‘SYNCH TO SCREEN‘ to ‘JA

// Prompts //

If you want to play in Window mode, just run the ‘WindowMode.reg’ file to import settings.

If you can not see the initial screen, then right-click the ‘Player.exe’ file in “Bin” folder – Properties – Compatibility – check “Run this game in compatibility mode for:” – OK

// Edition Statement //

This is the Ballance v2.0.0.1 Final portable full registered version with 12+1 levels open.

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v2.0.0.1 Final  (mir) 17.4 MB

(No Homepage) 

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