[v5.14.0] BB FlashBack Pro – Easy, powerful and flexible screen recorder

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BB FlashBack Pro is a very simple to use (3-step: record, edit & enhance and share) full-featured screen recording tool, used to create and publish compelling demos and tutorials.

BB FlashBack’s Webcam Recording (records from webcam while it records the screen) and (imports video files as) Picture-in-Picture video functions are my favorites, all of which will make your presentations more personalized and easy-going.

// Unofficial Review Video //

// Edition Statement //

There are 3 editions of BB FlashBack: Express, Standard and Professional. AppNee provides you the most powerful one – Professional Edition, including full installers, unlocked DLL files (cc3260mt.dll & version.dll) and license key.

// License for v4 //

  • Owner name: AppNee.com
  • License key: 2SX72-N2E3R-LPMQV-24TL1-MUK3

// Installation Notes //

  1. download and setup the full installer from official site or AppNee
  2. copy the unlocked DLL file to its installation directory and overwrite
    • cc3260mt.dll for v4.x
    • version.dll for v5.x
  3. Done for v5.x, but for v4.x, you should use the license above to register

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// Download URLs //

Edition Version Download Unlocked File
PRO v5.14.0
PRO v4.1.11