Bing Desktop – Microsoft’s desktop search and wallpaper changer

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We all know that Microsoft’s Bing Search has an impressive feature – changing a beautiful high-definition picture every day (almost each is a story) as its homepage background. So  many guys maybe like this feature and want to make it work on their own PCs, so as to make the desktop wallpaper keep fresh everyday (along with our mood).

Bing Desktop is a lightweight desktop widget developed by Microsoft’s Bing search. It can automatically, regularly download and replace your desktop wallpaper everyday – that’s synchronous with Bing homepage background image, and allows to customize according to multiple classifications and time intervals. In addition, Bing Desktop also provides a beautiful and convenient Bing search helper on your desktop (or you can choose to integrate Bing search into the taskbar).

In fact, what most of us really need is not the search function (that is because we have Google already), but its automatic wallpaper download and regular update features.

// Tips //

  • If you dislike the Bing feature, then try to use PyBingWallpaper instead, which is only responsible for the daily automatic change of Bing desktop wallpaper, doesn’t have any other functions
  • If missed some wallpapers, then you can go to Bing Image Archive to get them all
  • The default installation directory of Bing Desktop is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\BingDesktop

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