[v7.10.0] BitTorrent Pro – World’s #2 best BT downloader

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BitTorrent (BT for short) is a content distribution agreement originally invented by Bram Cohen – the more people downloading one file, the faster the download speed becomes. It is the actual most popular way of file exchanging on the Internet.

Although BitTorrent is the original client tool for BitTorrent protocol (file sharing), while as long as uTorrent Pro insists on getting better, BitTorrent Pro is unable to unify the P2P downloading world, even if it’s the real BitTorrent world’s ancestor! Anyway, BitTorrent is still the only best alternative of uTorrent Pro, also one of the world’s best two torrent clients now.

// PRO Version Features //

  • Stream instantly
  • Automatic anti-virus protection
  • Convert files for tablets, phones & tvs
  • Remote, secure access to files
  • Ultra-fast file delivery
  • Free, unlimited downloading
  • Built-in bandwidth booster

// Why it is not the #1? //

μTorrent is still the world’s most popular BT client at present! What makes AppNee say so? Because uTorrent Pro comes with and keeps a vest-pocket file size, super fast running speed, much lower system resource occupation, as well as automatic, intelligent network speed & environment detecting and adjusting technology.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the BitTorrent Pro Edition portable full registered versions (including Player and VirusGuard plugins) for Windows.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Pro Edition v7.10.0 Full 17.3 MB
v7.9.9 Full reserved n/a
v7.9.8 Full 17.3 MB
v7.9.7 Full 16.9 MB
v7.9.6 Full 55.3 MB
v7.9.5 Full 55.4 MB
v7.9.5 Lite 2.93 MB

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