BLOXORZ Portable with all levels pass code & complete raiders

BLOXORZ is a classic small puzzle game with similar concept to the popular video game Sokoban, developed by DX Interactive. After disassembled its name becomes BLOX + ORZ – it seems to wait to see your helpless face.

The goal of BLOXORZ is to lead the 3D stand column into the “hole”, but its clever design and attractive difficulty are absolutely not to be sneezed at. The whole game gives a total of 33 levels, you may easily clear the first 10 stages in about less than 10 minutes. But for latter ones, even one level might cost you a few days, even a few months to pass through. Although there are infinite lives and unlimited time, using the less steps it can show the smarter you are.

If you are good at this kind of puzzle game, then you can immediately start, or you’d better to look at the instructions first. BTW, it is said that at first there were only very few players can finish all the 33 levels in the world, after them, most players just have to rely on the password below to move ahead.

// 1 ~ 33 Levels’ Pass Codes //

Level     Code
Level 01: 780464
Level 02: 290299
Level 03: 918660
Level 04: 520967
Level 05: 028431
Level 06: 524383
Level 07: 189493
Level 08: 499707
Level 09: 074355
Level 10: 300590
Level 11: 291709
Level 12: 958640
Level 13: 448106
Level 14: 210362
Level 15: 098598
Level 16: 000241
Level 17: 683596
Level 18: 284933
Level 19: 119785
Level 20: 543019
Level 21: 728724
Level 22: 987319
Level 23: 293486
Level 24: 088198
Level 25: 250453
Level 26: 426329
Level 27: 660141
Level 28: 769721
Level 29: 691859
Level 30: 280351
Level 31: 138620
Level 32: 879021
Level 33: 614955

*** When Game Start go to load stage then enter the cheats of the particular stage where you want to go.

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