C# 5.0 & 6.0 in a Nutshell, 5th & 6th Editions HD PDF

As a tailor-made new programming language for Microsoft .NET Framework, C# (C Sharp) has both the powerful functions of C/C++ and user-friendly characteristics of Visual Basic. And now, it has evolved to 6.0, with various features emerging in endlessly. While it’s rare to find C# teaching materials that can stand up to scrutiny on the market, and this might be because the reference on MSDN has been pretty comprehensive.

On the other hand, as one of the most popular C# books on Amazon, C# 6.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference 6th Edition fused the author’s many years of research and practical experience in software development and C#. So, not only is it very suitable to be a self-study tutorial for C# technology, but also can be seen as a rare reference book for intermediate and senior C# technicist. For this, just from its catalog we can see the author’s such rich experience and so thorough word editing & processing work.

For a programming book’s content, AppNee thinks it’s not the more comprehensive and deeper the better. When C# upgraded to 3.0, it made the thickness of C# in a Nutshell shoot up, because the things covered is really too much. But the valuable is, in 1000+ pages of content of the whole book there is not any redundant parts, and all the code examples are very accurate and appropriate. In conclusion, C# in a Nutshell is a rare and definitive C# guide, also one of the best books for learning C#.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Introducing C# and the .NET Framework
  • Chapter 2 C# Language Basics
  • Chapter 3 Creating Types in C#
  • Chapter 4 Advanced C#
  • Chapter 5 Framework Overview
  • Chapter 6 Framework Fundamentals
  • Chapter 7 Collections
  • Chapter 8 LINQ Queries
  • Chapter 9 LINQ Operators
  • Chapter 10 LINQ to XML
  • Chapter 11 Other XML Technologies
  • Chapter 12 Disposal and Garbage Collection
  • Chapter 13 Diagnostics and Code Contracts
  • Chapter 14 Concurrency and Asynchrony
  • Chapter 15 Streams and I/O
  • Chapter 16 Networking
  • Chapter 17 Serialization
  • Chapter 18 Assemblies
  • Chapter 19 Reflection and Metadata
  • Chapter 20 Dynamic Programming
  • Chapter 21 Security
  • Chapter 22 Advanced Threading
  • Chapter 23 Parallel Programming
  • Chapter 24 Application Domains
  • Chapter 25 Interoperability
  • Chapter 26 Regular Expressions
  • Chapter 27 The Roslyn Compiler

// Download URLs //

Edition Pages Download Size
Fourth Edition 1056 6.48 MB
Fifth Edition 1062 11.1 MB
Sixth Edition 1133 7.73 MB


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