Cameyo – Make software single-portable for Windows or HTML5 browsers

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Virtualization technology is not something new. As one of the application virtualization solutions, Cameyo makes this technology further simplified, so that it becomes easier, more convenient and efficient for ordinary users or IT professionals in the production and deployment of virtualization applications.

The working principle and technique of Cameyo are pretty much the same as VMware ThinApp, InstallRite, Enigma Virtual Box, MoleBox – that is, using the Sandbox virtualization technology to record all actions, related files of software installation and then package them into a standalone executable file (do not need to install). When run this portable software, it can generate a virtual environment to hold them all temporarily, which is like a shadow system. All involved operation is done within this virtual environment only, therefore it will not touch the original system outside at all.

Only in software packaging technology terms, Cameyo is still not as powerful as VMware ThinApp, and has cons of much slower initial scanning of system and poor customizability. But overall, it will become better and better, like its online app transformation.

// Key Features //

  • Truly standalone: no agent, no plugins required
  • Cloud Packaging
  • Data encryption
  • Run apps from any browser: Win/Mac/Linux
  • App data & settings can be saved on USB/Dropbox
  • BYOD-friendly: no agent, no admin rights required
  • Restricted users can self-package their own apps
  • User restrictions (Active Directory group, expiration, password, scripting)
  • Software Developer’s Kit (SDK)
  • Two virtualization modes: RAM/Disk
  • Personal use free (for home and small businesses, up to 49 machines)

// Prompts //

For some large software (such as anti-virus software) has close integration with system, they need to make quite a few changes to the system files, so it is unable to make them portable.

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