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HLine – Reading, we need a line

When we are reading ebooks, web page articles, or proofreading manuscripts on the computer, it is very easy to jump to see a wrong line because of too much text, as a result this will not only waste a lot of our time, but also is easy to cause the visual fatigue, and may make more mistakes to the draft.

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Folder2MyPC – DIY folder/application shortcut

In normal conditions, we can only create shortcut in a folder, and send to the desktop at best, although Windows 7 supports “Pin to Taskbar” or “Pin to Start Menu”, but this is only effective for applications, not for folders. So, is there any more powerful tool to achieve this? Folder2MyPC can add any shortcuts of folders, applications to the “My Computer” or “Control Panel”, easy to use and free.

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TransBar – Completely hide the taskbar, with no white border

Sometimes you may not like to have the taskbar block your lovely wallpaper, or need the whole desktop to put icons or other gadgets. One solution is to check the “Auto-hide the taskbar” option in the Taskbar Properties (right-click taskbar), in this case the taskbar will not display until you move your mouse to the bottom.

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