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You can see the game introduction of Cave Story in Cave Story original edition and Cave Story 3D, so AppNee did not make repetition. Here we just talk about Cave Story+ (AKA: Cave Story Plus) this HD remake edition for Windows platform, collaboratively developed by an independent game developer NICALiS and Daisuke Amaya.

As the enhanced + upgraded edition of Cave Story for PC platform, in addition to retaining the characteristics in its original work, Cave Story+ also strengthened all aspects of game. This not only contains all the additional game modes added for WiiWare platform, but also allows players to choose graphics and audio styles (quality) between the original and WiiWare improved editions. Again, it includes an original level provided in WiiWare and 3DS ported editions which originally belongs to the edition released for Steam platform.

AppNee provides two editions for you – one for Windows only, another for both Windows and Steam platforms.

// Key Features //

  • Original (320×240) graphics and upgraded “HD” graphics
  • Remastered music as well as the original soundtrack
  • Mix-and-match new/old artwork and music
  • Six new play modes (including Wind Fortress, Boss Rush and more)
  • Over 20 epic boss battles through Mimiga Island
  • 15 levels to explore in the vast world
  • 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade
  • USB controller compatibility
  • Four unique endings
  • Future content updates

// Default Controls //

for PC (customizable):

  • Down Array key – enter room, open box, dialogue, etc.
  • Z – jump
  • X – shoot
  • W open map
  • Q – open props
  • A/S – switch weapons

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you with the Cave Story+ portable full registered version for Windows.

// Download URLs //

PCHD remakeCave Story+ for PC Portable Full versions download73.9 MB
PC & SteamOriginalCave Story+ for PC Portable Full versions download17.8 MB

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