CentOS Bible HD PDF download

Since Red Hat published its last one (9th) release (Red Hat Linux 9) in 2003, they decided not to provide free technical support & product certification any more, and fully turned to the development of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL for short). This made some Red Hat rebuilders (open-source Enterprise Editions, such as White Box Enterprise Linux, Tao Linux, X/OS Linux, Scientific Linux) were born at the right moment. The most active one is CentOS (short for Community Enterprise Operating System).

As the first comprehensive and authoritative guide to the currently most popular and rapidly growing server OS – CentOS Linux, CentOS Bible published by Wiley Publishing covers almost the every topic for a Linux novice or a veteran who wants to master this increasingly popular Linux distribution in all directions.

After reading this book, you will know how to install and configure CentOS; how to work in the GNOMEKDE desktop environments; how to use the Linux shell, file system and text editor; how to configure CUPS printers, Samba for file, printer sharing and other features using GUI tools, etc.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part I Getting Started
    • Chapter 1: An Overview of CentOS.
    • Chapter 2: Installing CentOS.
    • Chapter 3: Getting Started with the Desktop.
    • Chapter 4: Using Linux Commands.
  • Part II Using CentOS
    • Chapter 5: Accessing and Running Applications.
    • Chapter 6: Publishing with CentOS.
    • Chapter 7: Music, Video, and Images in Linux.
    • Chapter 8: Using the Internet and the Web.
  • Part III Adminstration
    • Chapter 9: Understanding System Administration.
    • Chapter 10: Setting up and Maintaining User Accounts.
    • Chapter 11: Automating System Tasks.
    • Chapter 12: Creating Backups and Restoring Data.
    • Chapter 13: Security.
  • Part IV Networking
    • Chapter 14: Setting Up Network Connections and LANs.
    • Chapter 15: Setting Up an Internet Connection.
    • Chapter 16: Setting Up Printers and Printing.
    • Chapter 17: Setting Up a File Server.
    • Chapter 18: Setting Up a Mail Server.
    • Chapter 19: Setting Up an FTP Server.
    • Chapter 20: Setting Up a Web Server.
    • Chapter 21: Setting Up an LDAP Address Book Server.
    • Chapter 22: Setting Up a DHCP Boot Server.
    • Chapter 23: Setting Up a MySQL Database Server.
    • Chapter 24: Making Servers Public with DNS.
  • Appendix A: About the Media

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