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If you often play emulator based video games on computer, then you must find a problem: many games (ROM) couldn’t be recognized any more in the wake of version update of its emulator; or there are several versions for only one game to adapt to different versions of its emulator. In this case, we often feel overwhelmed about those more and more collected game ROMs: just delete them, a little loath to give up; just leave them there, that is to keep a pile of repeated and large junk files on computer.

At this time, we need clrmamepro (AKA: CLRMAME Pro, ClrMamePro) or RomCenter such kind of ROM auditing/sorting tool (mainly determines whether a ROM file is correct or not by proofreading the ROM name, CRC value, file size). With them, we can manage our game ROMs with the highest efficiency, and help us arrange all ROMs in a perfect order.

The most frequently-used ROM file manager is nothing but RomCenter or clrmamepro. RomCenter has a more beautiful/intuitive UI and simpler settings. But why most emulator players are using the more difficult to get started clrmamepro? The reason is the latter is more professional (that is, more powerful function, more accurate and stable ROM managing capacity).

// Key Features //

  • Find missing game, CD, sample
  • Find errors
  • Rename CD and sample
  • Find and correct errors of CD file size
  • Found errors checking (bad dump, etc.)
  • Find and delete unwanted files
  • Merge/split CD
  • Reconstruction gamesets
  • Add new gamesets
  • ….

// Prompts //

Please bear in mind that, before being ready to proofread ROM files, do remember to backup your ROMs first, just in case!

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