Cockroach on Desktop – Realistic cockroaches on your desktop

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Cockroach on Desktop is a desktop electronic insect program for fun, which can be regarded as a fooling tool. After running it generates several (can be set freely) very realistic cockroaches on your desktop, which will climb everywhere just like the real ones in our life.

In fact, it’s not a bad idea to use Cockroach on Desktop to joke with your friends, and as it turns out, this is also very effective (generating one cockroach will looks more realistic I think) – when some friends suddenly saw it on their screen they really would even use a book to flap it heavily.

// Prompts //

This small program only needs so little system resource that does not affect OS at all, but please don’t let too many cockroaches crawled out at the same time, that really will slow down the system speed.

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