ConvertZ – Quick and easy Traditional / Simplified Chinese internal code converter

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If you are Taiwanese or Hong Kong people, also or you are a foreign people who only knows Traditional Chinese characters, so when you need reading, editing information written in Simplified Chinese, ConvertZ can do you a big favor!

ConvertZ is a Chinese internal code converter, to enable you to easily convert Simplified Chinese files into Traditional Chinese, and the converting speed is quite fast. Of course, ConvertZ also supports free conversions among other codings like Big5/GBK/Unicode/UTF-8/JIS/Shift-JIS/EUC-JP and more, so as to quickly solve the messy code problem results from the different codings’ usage in different areas.

ConvertZ supports converting multiple text files at the same time, supports documents and clipboard text conversion, and there is no file size limitation, etc. In addition, ConvertZ also provides a preview function before conversion, which allows to preview the text before conversion in advance.

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