[CPS] Warriors of Fate 3 Editions’ ROM + Emulator download

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As a big fan of Sango series game, I have almost played all the related games of this theme on most platforms. From handheld to arcade, and from MS-DOS to PC. Although it has been too many times, yet I still enjoyed that.

Here, AppNee collected and shared 3 most classic editions of Warriors of Fate on arcade platform, including the working FBA (FB Alpha) emulator. They are Warriors of Fate original work, Three Blademasters (one of the famous hacked version of WoF, modified using gold finger) and Sangokushi 2 (based on Three Blademasters and enhanced). If also a loyal fan of Sango game, you should not miss this post. Stay tuned, I will post more of Sango series of games later.

// ROM Editions Info //

  • Warriors of Fate – original edition (wof.zip)
  • 三劍聖 (Three Blademasters) – Excalibur + Kusanagi Sword + Fire Traps (wof3js.zip)
  • 三國誌 II (Sangokushi 2) – More Excalibur + Kusanagi Sword (wof3sj.zip)

// Default Controls //

  • Insert coins – Num 5
  • Start game/Change Role – Num 1
  • WSAD – arrow keys
  • J – Punch
  • K – Jump
  • L – Release fire traps

// How To Play //

  1. download and uncompress
  2. run fbas.exe -> File -> Quick load game… -> go to “\roms”
  3. select the ROM you want to play (wof.zip, wof3js.zip or wof3sj.zip)

// Download URLs //

ROM + Emulator Size
11.1 MB

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