Crush the Castle 1, 2 and Players Pack Portable download

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Crush the Castle is a physics and gravity based series of flash games developed by Armor Games – using the stone thrower (heavy catapult) to destroy the castles, which will make you think of the Angry Birds series (but with completely different style).

In addition to the built-in dozens of levels can be challenged in each game, players are also allowed to use the in-game level editor to create and share their own levels, or play other players’ works.

The portable versions include the official two editions and Crush the Castle 1 Players Pack – in which all levels were designed by the fan players and has more than two new mysterious props!

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Version Download Size
Crush the Castle 1 Official 10.7 MB
Crush the Castle 1 Players Pack 11.3 MB
Crush the Castle 2 Official 19.7 MB