[v10.5.0] DAEMON Tools – BEST virtual optical drive emulator and manager

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At present, DAEMON Tools is the best and most powerful virtual drive tool in the world, also the only one in similar tools that supports NF3, PS and encrypted CD/DVD formats. Besides, it is also an advanced simulation tool for backup and merging of protected CD/DVD (by SafeDisc encryption technique), and able to open CUE, ISO, IMB, CCD, BWT, MDS, CDI, VCD, and many other image file formats.

Almost no player who likes the single-player games does not know DAEMON Tools, which can not only greatly prolong the service life of our CD/DVD ROM (actually make them directly “retired” or “laid off”), but also enables a lot of players to play their favorite genuine games yet without having to pay for the CD/DVD discs. Again for instance, if you don’t have Blu-ray Disc drive and need to play a Blu-ray ISO file, then its powerful virtualization technology will be necessary.

Using DAEMON Tools can really bring us too many benefits. For example, you’ll get the extreme performance (50 times faster read/write speed than the ordinary drive) far surpasses the real physical drives (CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc); it allows you to create as many as 32 SCSI virtual drives and 4 virtual IDE devices; the noise from working CD/DVD drive is gone; you don’t have to wait for the CD/DVD loading; even no reason to buy your laptop an external CD/DVD drive. In general, with DAEMON Tools you can use any kind of image file downloaded from the Internet, just like they were burn as a real CD/DVD disc and put in your CD/DVD ROM.

BTW, the Pro and Ultra editions are also almighty CD/DVD disc burner, support burning of all disc formats including Blu-ray Disc; and able to convert any image file to .MDF/.MDS, .MDX, .ISO formats… Moreover, you are even allowed to make common image file, encrypted, compressed, volumed image files, and so on.

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

// Edition Statement //

From AppNee you can get the multilingual portable full registered versions or full setup along with unlockers/unlocked files/working licenses for DAEMON Tools Ultra, DAEMON Tools Pro (Advanced) and DAEMON Tools Lite (Paid License) for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit. Besides, we also provides you their classic older versions with fewer but specific features, faster running speed, and smaller file size.

// Use Instructions //

for DAEMON Tools Lite (Paid License) v10.5.0:

  1. Install DAEMON Tools Lite as free license
  2. Run it once and exit
  3. Copy the unlock patch to installation directory and apply
  4. Done!

for DAEMON Tools Pro (Advanced) v8.1.0 & Ultra v5.0.0:

  1. Install DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra as new user with any email address
  2. Run DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra once and exit
  3. Copy the unlock patch to installation directory and apply, or direct run the activator
  4. All done, enjoy!

*** All editions were only tested on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

// Warning //

The unlock patches may be falsely reported as PUP: Win32:Patcher-AK [PUP] threat with low severity.

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// Download URLs //

Version Type Download Size
Lite Edition
v10.5.0 Setup + Patch 24.4 MB
v10.4.0 Setup + Unlocked Files 24.6 MB
v10.3.0 Setup + Unlocked Files 24.4 MB
v10.2.0 Portable 18.4 MB
v10.1.0 Portable 13.0 MB
v5.0.1 reserved n/a
v4.49.1 Portable 9.43 MB
v4.35.5 Setup + SN 8.71 MB
Pro Advanced Edition
v8.1.0 Setup + Patch 36.3 MB
v8.0.0 Portable 26.0 MB
v8.0.0 Setup + Unlocker 29.8 MB
v7.1.0 Setup + Unlocker 34.5 MB
v7.1.0 Setup + Unlocked File 28.7 MB
v7.0.0 Setup + Unlocker 36.3 MB
v6.2.0 Setup + Unlocker 32.7 MB
v6.1.0 Setup + Unlocker 32.0 MB
v5.5.0 Setup + Unlocked File 18.8 MB
v5.2.0 Setup + Unlocked File 20.6 MB
v4.41.3 Setup + Unlocker 16.5 MB
Ultra Edition
v5.0.0 Setup + Patch 26.5 MB
v4.1.0 Setup + Unlocked Files 21.7 MB
v4.1.0 Repacked 17.5 MB
v4.0.1 Setup + Unlocked Files 22.5 MB
v3.1.0 Setup + Unlocked Files 20.3 MB
v3.0.0 Setup + Unlocked Files 12.9 MB
v3.0.0 Repacked 11.1 MB
v2.3.0 Setup + Unlocked Files 18.9 MB
v1.1.0 Setup + Unlocker 29.4 MB
SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD)
32-bit 64-bit

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