[v1.4.9] DART Karaoke Studio – Complete tool to make Karaoke songs

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Every time meet with favorite songs, many of us might want to sing them out with music, yet often it’s not easy to find the suitable accompaniment music. In this case, we can use DART Karaoke Studio (AKA: DART Karaoke Author) to product custom Karaoke songs from our favorite music personally.

DART Karaoke Studio is a tool specially used to eliminate the singer’s voice of songs. It can direct perform vocals removal processing on CD track or MP3/WAV format of music files, so as to generate/convert vocal accompaniment tape (Karaoke song with only background music). In this way, we can record personal solo songs with BGM synchronization according to our favor.

Also, in order to facilitate users’ further processing on songs, DART Karaoke Studio also builds in a called DART CD-RECORDER (DCR for short) track recording software. With which, we can achieve gathering original songs from music CD, then making vocal cut processing, followed recording our own voice as needed, and finally burning it into a personal CD album record.

In conclusion, with DART Karaoke Studio in hand, we are no longer enslaved to finding the song accompaniment music everywhere. From now on, we can be proud to say that “My Karaoke song is done by myself”.

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