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David Copperfield is the eighth full-length novel written by the 19th century British critical realism novelist Charles Dickens, referred to as “the most beloved child in his heart”. Between 1849 and 1850, it was published every month being divided into 20 parts. The entire book uses the first-person narrative tone, which melts into many life experiences of the writer.

In this representative work with strong autobiographic color, Dickens reviewed and summarized his own life path from many aspects via the little David’s history and experience, which reflected his philosophy of life and moral ideal. This novel draws materials widely, uses popular and exaggerated language, and is full of humor and irony. In addition, its characterization style is unique. Many of roles have become the typical image in the history of world literature. Some critics thought that the achievement of David Copperfield surpassed Dickens’ all other works.

The artistic charm of David Copperfield does not lie in its vivid structure with twists and turns, or plot with ups and downs, but rests on that it has a realistic breath of life and a lyrical narrative style.

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