Decisive Tank – Enhanced edition of classic Battle City

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Decisive Tank (AKA: 决战坦克) was made by a fan player (Leonardo Liang in 鬼魅小组) from China in 2002. It is totally inspired from the famous and classic 2D tank shooting video game ‘Battle City‘ (AKA: Tank 1990, 90’s Tank) on FC console. In addition to coming with all the classic elements of Battle City, it also added many unique gaming features.

Of course, in game, your task is still to protect your base camp, and prevent sneak attacks from the enemy. Single player and two players are both allowed, different weapons have different effects, and you can increase the attack force and protective ability by upgrading your tank. Compared to the classic Tank 1990, Decisive Tank enables you to experience a lot of fresh elements and gameplay.

// Default Controls //

Action 1P 2P
Full-screen F4
Exit game ESC
Move WSAD Array keys
Normal Shoot U 4
Fast Shoot I 5

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v1.2.2 Final 2.75 MB

(No Homepage)