[v2.21] Defraggler Professional – Compact and unique disk defragmenter

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It is necessary to do defragmentation to hard drive at fixed period, in order to maintain its read/write speed. Windows has built in an “Optimize Drives” already at an earlier time, but its defragment speed and effect are really difficult to satisfy users. So many more powerful third-party disk defragmenters get their markets.

There are so many disk defragging software, like the relatively excellent Diskeeper and O&O Defrag. Their effect is not bad, but they are either too big in size or too expensive in price. And what we really need is a simple, effective and free one, so Defraggler Professional stands out from crowd.

Defraggler Professional is a lightweight disk defragmenter, developed by the famous Piriform company who has made the popular CCleaner, Recuva and Speccy. Small size does not affect its function and efficiency. In addition to defragment visualization, statistical analysis; it enables fast and efficient defragging volume, folder or even a single file; and allows error checking to hard drive, which is similar to the Check Disk command of Windows.

BTW, Defraggler Professional also builds in the corresponding command line version (df.exe or df64.exe) supports command line operations. They have tiny system resource usage and without adding system service, which you can integrate into other applications for DIY use.

// Key Features //

  • Defragment exactly what you want
  • Safe and Secure
  • Compact and portable
  • Interactive drive map
  • Quick Defrag
  • Defragment free space
  • Scheduled defragmentation
  • Multiple languages support

// Edition Statement //

Here is the latest version of Defraggler Professional multilingual (42 languages) portable full registered version.

// Prompts //

  • Remember: do not use any defragment tool to the SSD, or it gives you the negative effect, so that your hard drive will become more slow.
  • Again, even for HDD, never do this kind of thing too frequently! That’s really serious damage to hard disk. Just listen to the sound when defragmenting the hard disk, you will be clear about what I said.

// Download URLs //

Edition Version Download Size
Professional v2.21.993 2.62 MB
v2.20.989 reserved n/a
v2.19.982 reserved n/a

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