DemonStar: Secret Missions 1 Portable full version download

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As the first sequel of DemonStar: Classic, DemonStar: Secret Missions 1 (short for DemonStar SM1) has not much difference from DemonStar: Classic in essence, but with several important and notable upgrades: an enhanced version of the original engine (arcade quality graphics, sound FX) and all new levels and music soundtrack.

// Key Features //

  • 8 complete new levels
  • More amazing graphics
  • More awesome music
  • New weapons
  • New boss ships on every level
  • Load user made levels
  • Access the built in level editor (hidden)

// System Requirements //

  • DirectPlay

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the DemonStar: Secret Missions 1 portable full registered version with all functions opened (such as “Load Level” option), ‘7+6’ add-on maps and all maps unlocker.

New added: Debug mode and Map Editor!

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// Download URLs //

Gamev1.04 Final3.51 MB
All Maps Unlockerv1.xx101 KB
Add-on Mapsv1.xx122 KB