DiaryOne – Most humanized and practical multimedia diary keeper

DiaryOne is a creative, powerful and very safe (password protection and automatic backup) multimedia diary application. Especially, it is so beautiful and realistic that is just suitable for keeping a diary. As a user said: keeping a diary needs a appropriate mood. Probably many people ever kept a diary in Microsoft Word or Notepad like editing an office file or writing a note.

// Key Features //

  • Publish diary to web (Blogger) and share
  • Create/Save a diary from a web page
  • Send diary to a friend via Email
  • Classify some relevant diaries and generate the eBook (CHM)
  • Multimedia support
  • Secret and Secure diary (Password protection)
  • Easy to use
  • Simple bookkeeping functions (count everyday income and spending)
  • Stylish, sleek, customizable and real-diarybook-like UI
  • Additional materials (skins and plugin-ins)
  • Quickly and easily search
  • Support diary search, bookmarks, calendar, backup/restore, import/export
  • Built-in recorder, calendar and cash flow keeper
  • Automatically backs up data (every time you edit or create)

I will not dwell on its specific features and using method here, you can experience in the future use. The following are some functions valuable to me:

  • Password protection – I think people who like to keep a diary will like and need this feature, just in case someone snooping on our privacy. It is safer than the paper diary with this feature alone.
  • Has the same UI and skin with traditional paper diary – it makes us feel very kind and easy to use, just like keeping a diary on the real diary
  • Support for rich text, picture, multimedia and attachment – this is the personalized need the paper diary can not meet us
  • Built in a tape recorder – allows you to easily create an audio diary, especially when you don’t want to use the keyboard to type, you can pour out your heartfelt wishes into the microphone, recording the feeling and mood easily.
  • Auto backup – after each creating or editing diary, the software will automatically generate a real-time backup file according to the date. So we don’t have to worry about accidentally lost the diary.

// Registration Keys //

Name Code
AppNee.com EF19-B9DE-D318-2994-CB65-7830-34F2-3FBD-164B-9B77-4851-18E6-C419-F8ED-6F19
SoleWe.com 6404-80DF-D659-84B5-5DDE-4527-1B51-CEB1-DC8E-B77D-70C1-90FD-124E-A33B-FD3F
YaWego.com C60E-1E53-3AA5-AE31-551D-76B6-691E-8B46-9286-FD34-5917-70A0-9EA8-C69E-FF6F
SoulCourier.com 44EE-D65F-280C-B67A-03FB-514E-056E-1AA3-DB60-39C5-E31E-501A-48CB-7E8C-DCD3
www.GNRSU.com F465-F8D6-279D-2149-AEE5-0519-6C0A-685B-476C-52C1-7D97-3601-BBBB-0E1C-1805

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install the official installer or use the portable version instead
  2. Use any one registration code above to register
  3. Done, enjoy!

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// Download URLs //

Version Official Installer Portable


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