[v3.3.90] DLL-files Fixer – *.dll file is missing errors universal killer

In the daily usage of Windows, we occasionally meet system or software errors/prompts like: “***.dll file is missing, xxx can’t start…”, causing us not to be able to run some software, especially a lot of games. In this case, the first thing we think of is often to search the error message and then download, install and register the corresponding missing DLL files, so as to achieve a manual repair. Therefore, this is not a troublesome thing for just a few missing DLL files, but too many, it will make a user feel hard to accept.

By using DLL-files Fixer this specially-designed DLL file repairing tool, we can automate the preceding process, in order to more efficiently and conveniently repair the lost or damaged DLL files. You only need to input the missing DLL file’s name, then it will automatically search (connect to its official server), download, install and register the corresponding DLL file or even the entire runtime library. Basically, DLL-files Fixer has the ability to help you intelligently repair all kinds of DLL file missing problems happened to games, software and systems.

Additional features of DLL-files Fixer – registry’s optimization, bug fixing and management are redundant and not professional as far as AppNee can see. BTW, this is a web-based application, that means there is no network connection, it does not work.

// Premium Edition Benefits //

  • Resolve .dll related errors and ensure your software runs smoothly.
  • Eliminate .dll related system pop-up error messages.
  • Repair and clean your Registry of unwanted and invalid registry entries.
  • Optimize PC performance and speed up your system with a clean and error-free registry.
  • Prevent your applications and PC from crashing.
  • Counteract deterioration over time. 12, 24, 36 months licenses available.
  • Easy to use 2-in-1 interface.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the DLL-files Fixer Premium Edition full installers and universal unlock patch for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install DLL-files Fixer
  2. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  3. Exit DLL-files Fixer, and run “disable_validation.cmd” as administrator (to modify the hosts file to prevent registration failure)
  4. Double click the “RegKey32.reg” or “RegKey64.reg” file to finish registration
  5. Done, enjoy!

*** If still not activated, use the following key to register again:

  • 0000QF-XPFZJK-EAB2NE-PDH016-T48R07

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Premium Edition v3.3.90 4.75 MB
v3.2.9 reserved n/a


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