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Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability is well known as the first must-read book for web designers & developers, so it’s enough to see its importance and authority in this industry! If you want to be an expert web designer, read this book as soon as possible, otherwise you will feel regret you didn’t meet it sooner.

Usability is the most important but also the most difficult task in web design. If you are working on website design, website programming, or web sites management, in which cases, be sure to read Don’t Make Me Think which is about web design principles rather than web design techniques.

Don’t Make Me Think is short and refining, 210+ pages only, not long-winded at all, most often you can finish it at one go. The author’s humorous language, along with lots of screenshots, illustrations and info charts will reveal important but easily neglected problems in web design. Just a few hours, you can contrast the design principles instructed in the book to locate the crux of your website design, so as to make your site look brand-new.

As the must-read classic of global web designers, Don’t Make Me Think is suitable for designers and technicians engaged in web design & web development to read, and especially worthy of reading for web design personnel who is upset in keeping visitors.

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AppNee provides you both Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited 3rd Edition (in AZW3, EPUB & MOBI formats) and its second edition (in HD PDF format).

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