[DOS] Warriors Of Fate: Sango Fighter 1 & 2 ROM + Emulator

Warriors Of Fate: Sango Fighter (AKA: 三國志·武將爭霸) is a very old but classic and attractive series of fighting games for DOS platform. It was developed by Super Fighter Team/Panda Entertainment from Taiwan and first released in 1993 (Sango Fighter 2 was released in 1995 as a sequel) – all were remade in 2010.

The biggest characteristic of Warriors Of Fate: Sango Fighter is using the Three Kingdoms historical theme (in China) as its story background, as well as the simulation strategy and FTG combat elements. Besides, it came with more than 10 pieces of original BGM with compact rhythm, multiple unique story modes, and gameplay with combination of fighting and strategy.

On the basis of Sango Fighter 1 (SF1 for short), SF2 new added 5 playable characters (thus warriors increased from 12 to 16) and archive (save/load state) functionality. Moreover, it redrew the characters and backgrounds – both its graphics resolution and voice effects have great improvement than SF1. Again, SF2 designed new unique skills for each character with a special focus on time difference, which is more advantageous to the play of a chain of unique skills, so as to greatly improve the game’s operability.

Even in the situation with non-ideal computer hardware and equipment, Panda Entertainment could push aside all obstacles and difficulties and finally designed such a smooth and stirring fighting game. As a VS type video games fan, it is really a pity if you miss this classic work.

// Key Features //

  • Highly detailed graphics
  • Twelve unique fighters (for Sango Fighter 1)
  • Sixteen unique fighters (for Sango Fighter 2)
  • Challenging opponents
  • Stunning “super attacks”
  • Three different game modes

*** Sango Fighter 1 supports for 3 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, and Sango Fighter 2 supports for English, Chinese, Japanese.

// Game Modes //

  • Story Mode – puts you in control of a warlord’s entire military force, from ordinary soldiers to fierce generals
  • Battle Mode – 16 playable generals as you choose to play with PC (the goal is to beat 12 characters, using an integral ranking system)
  • Two-player Mode – offers a choice of up to 16 gorgeous battlegrounds for two players to compare so as to see who is superior

// Playable Characters //

The following is a list of playable characters from Sango Fighter 1:

The following is the additional characters that are available in Sango Fighter 2:

// How to play //

For Windows, Mac OS and Linux, please use DOSBox (the best free DOS emulator) to play the games.

// Common Shortcuts for DOSBox //

  • Alt + Enter – switch between full screen/window
  • Ctrl + F5 – make a screenshot (PNG format, stored in “capture” folder)
  • Ctrl + F6 – record game audio
  • Ctrl + F7 – decrease frame rate
  • Ctrl + F8 – increase frame rate
  • Ctrl + F9 – quit game
  • Ctrl + F10 – display/hide mouse cursor
  • Ctrl + F11 – Reduce simulation speed
  • Ctrl + F12 – Improve simulation speed (the default set has been the highest)
  • Ctrl + Alt + F5 – start/stop video recording (AVI format, stored in “capture” folder)

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Sango Fighter 1 1.73 MB
Sango Fighter 2 15.0 MB


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