[v4.9.2] Eassos PartitionGuru – Best disk partition manager, fixer and backup, recovery utility

Since the days of DOS, DiskMan has been a well-known disk partition management freeware for a very long time around the world. Now it has become more professional and powerful Eassos PartitionGuru, which also has emerged in the field of data recovery.

Nowadays, Eassos PartitionGuru Pro (formerly called DiskGenius, DiskMan, we just call it Partition Guru for short) has integrated many practical functions in one, including partition management, file recovery, partition recovery, RAID recovery, detection and repair of the disk bad sectors, backup and restore of partition/partition table, disk cloning, virtual disk management, irretrievable and permanent destruction of important documents, creating a bootable USB startup disk…

// Key Features //

  • Windows & DOS supported
  • Recover files
  • Rebuild MBR
  • Rebuild Partition Table
  • Check Partition Errors
  • Recover delete partitions
  • Disk Management
  • Backup Partition Table
  • Check and fix bad tracks and sectors
  • Clone partition to an image file
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced and extremely fast scan algorithm
  • Support for all professional digital camera memory cards and hard drives
  • Support for all popular professional digital camera raw files
  • Support for most commonly used digital photo file formats, music and video files on Mac
  • Versatile preview capability
  • Save Scan Information feature
  • 4 KB Partition Alignment Detection for SSD

// Use Cases //

  • Recover lost partitions
  • Recover lost files
  • Manage partitions, both MBR (Master boot record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table) supported
  • Delete files permanently
  • Backup & Restore windows system and partitions
  • Create rescue bootable USB flash disk
  • Manage virtual disks of VMware, VirtualBox and Virtual PC
  • Backup & Restore partition table
  • Boot computer with DOS version PartitionGuru

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Eassos PartitionGuru Professional Edition portable full registered versions which keep all the official functions and have the extra stuff, update prompt, ads removed, for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Warning //

Do not use this tool on the partition where you lost files, in order to keep more chance of successful recovery.

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// Download URLs //

License Version 32-bit 64-bit
Professional Edition v4.8.0


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