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Performance is the key to success of any websites. And as a matter of fact, the time a web browser loading a web page takes up about 80% of the total time consumed when a visitor is accessing this page. Thus, especially for the current rich media websites or web apps, speed is extremely important. In Even Faster Web Sites, you will learn how to save the valuable website loading time, so as to make your site respond to user’s requests more quickly.

Even Faster Web Sites is another bestseller book about the best practices to maximize a website performance written by Steve Souders (Google’s web performance preacher and Yahoo!’s former chief engineer on performance). The entire book is very thin (less than 300 pages), but very incisive and effective.

As companion piece of the High Performance Web Sites shocked the web development field, Even Faster Web Sites goes further and deeper. In book, Steve Souders and other 8 experts shared their best practices and valuable advice for improving website performance to help you optimize your own sites. If you are a front-end engineer, this book will make you benefit a lot. Even for a software development engineer or product engineer, I believe that the guiding thought inside can help you a lot.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Understanding Ajax Performance
  • Chapter 2 Creating Responsive Web Applications
  • Chapter 3 Splitting the Initial Payload
  • Chapter 4 Loading Scripts Without Blocking
  • Chapter 5 Coupling Asynchronous Scripts
  • Chapter 6 Positioning Inline Scripts
  • Chapter 7 Writing Efficient JavaScript
  • Chapter 8 Scaling with Comet
  • Chapter 9 Going Beyond Gzipping
  • Chapter 10 Optimizing Images
  • Chapter 11 Sharding Dominant Domains
  • Chapter 12 Flushing the Document Early
  • Chapter 13 Using Iframes Sparingly
  • Chapter 14 Simplifying CSS Selectors
  • Appendix Performance Tools

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