Everyone Piano – World’s best piano learning freeware

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Maybe many people like to listen to piano music, and even dream to play the world’s famous piano works by yourselves one day, but suffer from the expensive price and complicated music knowledge of piano, so this dream can never come true. Now with Everyone Piano, everything is no longer a problem!

Everyone Piano (EOP for short) is the world’s sired computer keyboard piano simulation software combining piano learning and entertainment into one product, its rich plug-ins and tutorials let you play the wonderful piano music without any basis. In addition, Everyone Piano can plug in VSTi sound source, life-like tone and real-time performance, even on low end computers with integrated sound card, you can also play beautiful melodies without delay, and at the same time it also allows to simulate the footstep effects of a piano.

Moreover, Everyone Piano’s official website has a rich selection of staves, two-hand chords, EOP files (only for Everyone Piano), piano tutorials, learning materials, etc., all of which make it easy for you to step into the wonderful world of piano without any cost.

Everyone Piano is designed to allow every one to be able to learn to play the piano on computer with “zero cost”, and even lets you become a pianist in only 7 days. So, if still have a dream for piano, you might as well have a try!

// Key Features //

  • Support keyboard apart for two hands playing
  • Support automatic accompaniment, rhythm packing and synchronization
  • Support external MIDI keyboard or electronic organ with MIDI interface
  • Customizable note layout on the keyboard
  • Dynamic switching skins
  • Support stave and numbered musical notation learning
  • Adjustable playing speed
  • Built-in lifelike tone library
  • Loadable VSTi audio library/sound database
  • Support onboard sound card, timely playing
  • Simulate the footplate effects of piano
  • Simulate the pedal of piano
  • Customize the keyboard and support playing semitone
  • Come with dozens of teaching and entertainment plug-in
  • Support record, playback, music score show, inflexion and octave
  • Come with a large number of demonstrations and teaching music
  • Completely free forever
  • ….

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